Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Old School Gaming Guild is here!

The Old School Gaming Guild is up, Chronicles of Ganth will be up for till the end of November while I sift through old posts to save and transfer over.

Go check out my new blog and don't hold back on the comments, drive the will be fun I promise!
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well I tried

I think this is the end, I recently deleted my Google+ page, I really got sick of drama, it was the reason I bailed on Facebook 3 years ago, that and folks sharing crap I just don't care about.

In the beginning as folks migrated from blogger to Google+ to share gaming stuff it was really fun, but then came the moronic +1's of every little thing that caught ever single persons eye, sure it stopped, folks figured out that you could stop sharing those +1's but as the community grew, well so did the folks that either didn't know or didn't care.

Next was the political sides of those +1's. Dumb little pictures of moronic Liberal or Conservative rhetoric or propaganda...ya see the bloggers, well ya, tended not to post political crap on your blog, nobody really gave a crap about how much of a Liberal or Conservative you were, ya came to the blog to read up on gaming.

Sure I can deal with the one off post here or there, they were easy just to ignore and folks tended to say stuff like "warning political post", well with that stupid +1 feature in Google plus I have to see all the moronic political warning...and to be truthful I see this crap every time I turn on the TV, I don't want to see it when I am trying to enjoy my beloved hobby.

Which brings me to the next point, warning now this is some deep crap....

I don't give a flying rats @ss about what, who, how, where or when the OSR was created, formed, visualized, developed, created or established.

You know what the OSR is, it's me and my buddies sitting around the freaking table playing the games we like in the way we like. Period.

I don't care if Dave "Lord that is all Gaming" Arneson and Gary "Gamer God All Mighty" Gygax come back as vengeful OSR Revenants and declare RPG PUNDIT, ERIK TENKAR and JAMES MAL...GODS incarnate of RPG's I'm gonna play my game however I want to play!


Breath a minute...

Which brings me to my last bit.

This blog.

I'm done, I tried, but I'm tired of it. I tried to reform it, to refocus, but I just don't want to deal with it anymore.

And that's sad.

I wanted to share something, to write about something, and while it was fun for a long while, I think I am just ready to move on.

I have had little or now affect on the community, my blog is hardly a rampaging success, and me shutting this down, really in my mind isn't a big loss. I'm not like many of the other big bloggers in the community. I am hardly a blip.

Will ya see me around?

Yeah I think I may migrate to one or two of the Forums, I like the Goblinoid Games community, and I still want to blog, I am just done with the Chronicles of Ganth, done with trying to hash out this curse of a Heartbreaker.

I would just rather like to talk about games, and I don't want to do it here.

I have had an idea for a while now, to move on to a more open blog,

This will be my new home, look for it going live if you care in the next month or so. Don't expect much of Ganth there, it will be a home for my own campaign ideas and topics, a more open forum for what I think about games I love, and Ill even have room for newer games...

This is ERIC! signing off.